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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  August 27, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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>> tonight at 6:00, the first homicide of the year in walnut creek leaves residents stunned. colin kaepernick causes a controversy before he took a snap last night. the vallejo kidnapping victim who was called a liar by the police talks about how the case changed her life for the worse. a father of two is dead after a night out at in walnut creek took a tragic turn. the fatal shooting happened out a popular sports bar. now investigators are looking for the person responsible.
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cornell bernard is live in walnut creek with details on the story. >> reporter: a motive still unknown here but that father of two was gunned down early this morning at this intersection outside of the sports bar. police asking for tips from the public tonight to help catch a killer. >> i don't even know when what i think about that. it's crazy. >> reporter: shocking news, man gunned down in the middle of walnut creek. >> just looked over, and i could see the flash of the gun. >> reporter: he took cover inside the bar where he works when gunshots echoed from the intersection. >> after there was a lot of police. >> reporter: at 1:30 a.m., the victim lay bleeding. >> officers responded to the area and located courtney brown, suffering from three gunshot wounds to his back. >> reporter: police say 38-year-old courtney brown just left the sports bar when he was
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confronted bay gunman in his 20s. the gunman ran from the scene. >> all information indicates this was not a random event. >> police are investigating a motive and if brown new his killer. locals say homicides don't happen in walnut creek. >> surprised such a safe area. nothing like this i've ever heard happen. a little shocking. >> a block away, kind of scary. >> reporter: he manages the walnut creek yacht club and said there's a crowd at night. the city cracked down on bars. >> lots of foot traffic. very is a police presence. >> always police presenting. >> reporter: courtney brown leaves behind two daughters. abc7 news. new at 6:00, for the first time we're hearing from a kidnapping victim who vallejo
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police once called a liar shipment says she no longer feels safe living in vallejo and feels harassed by the police force. vallejo is moving to dismiss a lawsuit. she and her boyfriend with the victims of a home invasion robbery in march 20615. police called the kidnapping a hoax, even after a suspect was arrested. she says her life has been destroyed and she suffers from depression, anxious site, and paranoia. in the north bay, santa rosa police provided pictures of a concealed, loaded semi automatic hand guck, crowbar and baseball bat seized after gang-related arrests this morning. police arrested two men and a teenage boy. an officer stopped them this morning after spotting them speeding threw construction zone the car they were in was not a gang related assault with a stun gun last week. tonight we know the identity
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of the man who died in a crash on the golden gate bridge. he was killed when the 36-year-old slammed into the guardrail that separates the highway from the sidewalk. investigators say he was speeding northbound near the vista point exit when he lost control. the searches on for a killer in san jose following a stabbing early this morning. police say they received a report of a disturbance just after midnight at bascom avenue. the man had at least one stab wound. this is san jose's 35th 35th homicide of the year, five more than in all of last year. also in san jose, police are asking for your help in finding a man who robbed two banks this month. they released this picture. the first robbery happened last friday at the chase bank on blossom hill road. the served was thursday afternoon, at the wells fargo bank. he gave the tellers a note demanding money and stating he
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had a gun. a market in livermore is considered a total loss after a devastating fire overnight. investigators say the fire started around 4:00 this morning at the ramirez market on maple street and threatened the business next door. these pictures are from the fire department. the fire caused an estimated $300,000 in damage to the market. no other businesses suffered significant losses. now to a controversial move by 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick before yesterday's game when he says he stood up for the civil rhts of people by sitting down during the national anthem. lonnie rivera is live at the raiders game at the oakland coliseum with reaction. >> reporter: we are standing in raiders country, but there are plenty of football fans and americans here who have a lot to say about kaepernick's decision, not to stand during the national anthem. now, we received this blog from
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jennifer chan showed shared the picture. you can see kaepernick sitting down and the time is standing before the game. football fans had a lot to say about this. >> frankly, as a veteran, i'm hurt. very unprofessional in my opinion. he should conduct himself a little more -- a little better than that. >> it's not good. mainly because he is an american. we take our caps off. it's inappropriate. >> it took a lot for an individual to make that stand. i'm sure they'll beat him up but i admire what he did. he has a lot of courage. >> reporter: that quote, i am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color. he continues, quote, to me this is bigger than football and it will be selfish on my fortunate look the other way. there are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave
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and getting away with murder. now, keep in mind, kaepernick is compete can for the starting quarterback position and many football fans say that this could be a distraction from that. meantime, the niners coach, chip kelly, said in a statement today that players have a right to participate or not participate in the national anthem. reporting live from oakland coliseum. abc7 news. >> thank you. reaction to the decision to sit out the anthem has been vocal. former new england patriot damion woodie tweeted in support says kap has ever right to express his feelings, beliefs, and people have every right to disagree. that's okay, folks. others have been more critical, including texas governor greg abbott who tweet hitches kaepernick wants to improve the lives of minority he needs to be the example of showing respect for america. a new report shows fewer teams taking part in high school football a decade ago. our media partners have found
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participation in prep football in california is down seven percent in the past decade. the reason is unclear. the report found that dramatic increase in the number of sports-related concussions in girls and boys ages nine to 18 up 82% in a decade. some schools dropped the football programs entirely. cal is celebrating the re-opening of bowles hall this weekend. the university shared these photos online. the residential college re-opened following a $45 million renovation. move-in day was last weekend but cal waited until everybody was settled in before throwing a big party celebrating the newly rennovated facility. the building initially opened in 1929 and is thought to be the nation's first residential college. coming up at 6:00, the community protest over a smelly situation. how residents in milpitas are battling a plan to double the size of a nearby landfill.
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and this owl's population is under threat. plus, an underwater honor for the first lady. what this new submarine will bear that pays tribute to michelle obama. >> it has felt like fall. i'll let you know if the tool -- cooler tan average we comfort food... you've had a good long run. but your time is over. it's time for something new. something simple. grown right here in california with absolutely no antibiotics ever. food we're comfortable eating. making. serving. this is the new comfort food. and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken.
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california grown with no antibiotics ever. let's get comfortable with our food again.
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s of milpitas residents call it a smelly nuisance and urges others to block the landfill. abc7 news was there when families aired their complaints near a popular trail. the trail reins alongside a lap phil. the want to double the landfill size because it's nearly reached capacity. >> the citizens want this to be closed. that would only be in line with the lifestyle of the entire bay area. now the city has to deal -- no other city has to deal with this. in november residents will be able to decide the landfill. the northern spotted owl has been added to the state's endangered species list. the state fish and game commission voted to add the threatened bird, citing its
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rapidly dropping population. scientist say the owl numbers are dropping at an annual rate of nearly four percent. five year the rate was three percent. by adding the oil to the list science tests hope revive its population before the it becomes innings stink. >> the u.s. navy has a new subma reason will be named the uss illinois in honor of obama's home state. these are pictures from the navy's web site. took five and a half years to build at a cost of $2.57 billion. the first lady will have her initials inscribed on a metal plate inside the dining area. the sub begins service at the end of october. coming up at 6:00, the sea of pink in east bay to honor a popular bay area broadcaster and to raise aware not's the ill unless that -- awareness about the ill unless that claimed her life. >> cooler than average
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temperatures and how does tomorrow look? the forecast is next. >> we'll hear from new cal quarterback davis webb, and niners qb colin kaepernic phil sanders, timely bible lesson the lord's way. churches of christ in the area, have you visit and worship assemblies. i hope you will. we love you. in search of the lord's way.
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hundreds of people walked today to raise money for bay area patients fighting breast cancer, we were at oakland's lake merritt for the walk organized by friends of faith. care lib tyler founded friends of faith more than a decade ago. the organization honors her friend, faith, who died of breast cancer in 2003. >> she felt this was so wrong and wanted to do something about and it asked us if we would be billing to form an organization -- be willing to form an organization to help underserved women. >> today marked the walk's 12th year and has raises manipulates to help fight breast cancer over the year. >> the national park service is celebrating its 100th birth day this weekend and still another day to take them up on a generous offer. the national parks will with a entrance fees through the end of
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tomorrow. that means visits to the muir woods and other attractions nationwide will be free. the national park service was created in 1916 by president woodrow wilson. >> now the accuweather forecast. >> we certainly probably are getting used to this marine layer with us for much of the day and the cool august days and that may be a good thing because we have more cool days to come. in fact we're looking at the low clouds and fog as tall as perhaps 3,000 feet this morning, and once again, it's quickly going to move across the bay but the good news this winds have not been that gusty. but we have had few areas of low pressure each and every day. in fact all month long. that has allowed for cooler than average temperatures and the system coming in on tuesday reinforces the cool air and it could even bring some showers to the mountains. so here's a live look outside. kind of fogged in. 65 san francisco. 68 oakland.
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73 in san jose. for mt. tam you can seal the low cloud deck. the marine layer here where plenty of sunshine but temperatures still in the 70s today for highs. upper 60s santa rosa. 74 by the delta. low 70s, concord and livermore. so many of you enjoying the weather in our inland east bay and the golden gate bridge, just a few peeks of sun and you can see the flag blowing. plenty of fog tonight. but the good news is we should see the ma marine layer compress into tomorrow and will keep the mild pattern inland and then a slight bumpup in the temperatures by the end of the upcoming work week which ends september. overnight lows mild. 60 san jose, 59 palo alto. mid-50's from santa rosa, so, the fog, comes back quickly from the north bay into the east bay and of course down the san mateo toast.
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cloudy for for you in san jose tomorrow. then by 10:00, 11:00, full sunshine around the bay and we'll be looking at partly sunny skies at the coast. so that's the marine layer growing also shallower, bringing us a little sunshine and maybe temperatures up. but the trend continues. this is monday. still 60s on the coast. money 80s inland, then tuesday, that's when the next system comes our way, bringing temperatures slightly cooler than average, and then by middle of the week, you'll notice temperatures may be coming up a few degrees. all in all it's hard to show the differences day-to-day. it's more likely that you see the pattern here, upper 80s in livermore, and you can see them below average all week long. 89 in sacramento tomorrow. 74 in sunnyvale. peninsula numbers locker to mid-sentence -- 70s for you. 76 in napa.
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inland, low 80s in pittsburg. the accuweather seven-day forecast, 60 at the coast, afternoon sun, mid-80s inland, cooler on tuesday and then breezy wednesday, the warmest day next friday and we are welcoming september. >> now ports prom abc7 news. >> colin kaepernick's decision not to stand up at the national anthem may not help his popularity among 49er fan cozy and the we are hillwill the performance guess the packers. kaepernick looked rusty, completing just two of six passes passes for 14 yards and three passes were deflected. his best play appears when he scrambled but came up short of the first down. he was asked if she was in running to start the season opener. >> that is up to the coaching staff. felt to be good to be back on the field, excited to be out
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there wish we have done a little bit more but good to get my feet we. >> never going to make decisions walking off the field. that's the kind of staff and see where we are. first and for most we have to be better off, we played better in houston. didn't play well on offense at all, and we got to clean that up. >> at the coliseum the raiders are playing their first home preseason game against the tight taps, owned las're derek california r finds michael crabtree down the sidelines for 49 yards. a few plays later, washington is in for the touchdown. now late in the first half the raiders lead, 14-13. the cal bears are feel golden gate about their season opener. eds they -- yelled the beat hawai'i by 20 in australia. among those making the triche to sydney, former cal great, marshawn lynch. the texas tech tran fer through
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for 404 yards. cal went on to win 51-31. webb and anson have developed a strong connection. >> last night, after the touchdown, we fell one short. and felt like that got a chance to have a big day, and stepped up. >> just happy to by out there with our team in sydney, australia, being out here with the brothers, and just getting -- >> such a great opportunity to experience something that is so different, and special. so, i would anticipate this becoming an annl event. >> the giants and braves just underway at at&t park. albert segura is starting for jake peavy where i who is on the disabled list. >> clayton kershaw getting closer to his return.
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corey seger ties the game, his 23rd homer of the season. a franchise record for a dodger shortstop. julio had a strong outing and tied a career high by striking out eight. trailing 3-1 in the seventh and a quarter cubs cut the lead to one on this jason hey wertsingle. dodgers win and their lead over the giants is a game and a half. >> the a's were in st. louis, the card wearing their 1927 throwbacks. the red birds took the lead in the second with a solo shot. and then in the third, the hot shot off heely for an arrow. now the cardinals lead 2-1, highlights and on the giants and raiders post game interviews tonight at 9:00 and 11:00. >> next on abc7 news at 6:00,
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celebrating italian culture one bite at a time. the popular festival bringing a taste of italy to the
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tonight at 9:00 on kofy tv 20, improving performance in classroom. what is helping students perform better and inspire learning. >> and at 11:00 the tool that will save stanford students from the question of how to pronounce your name. >> and abc7 news was at the italian family fiesta. spaghetti was being served up, and there's also arts and crafts, a wipe tasting guarden and live entertain: it's free to get in and all the money raised from items sold goes to promote italian hoyt in the santa clara valley. tomorrow doors open at 11:00 in the morning,. makes you hungry. we'll see you again at 9:00 and 11:00.
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good night. ]: good afternoon, greendale.
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i am your dean with a few corrections to the fall class catalogue. cosmology should be cosmetology. astrology should be astronomy. the students on the cover should be smiling, but that's a matter of opinion. whoever is growing a small patch of cannabis behind the gymnasium, congratulations, you have won a cruise. report to security to claim your tickets. in order to increase awareness of homelessness, security has been given binoculars. in campus news, the debate over our library's pa system continues, with some students suggesting its volume be lowered, while others question its very purpose.


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